HiVE ENERKEY - Smart AI to Save 42 Billion Bath Energy Waste in Thailand's Air Conditioning

What it does

ENERKEY is the smart AI system that convert AC at your home to be the smarter and more efficient using the power of IoT, AI, and Tangle (BlockDAG). The way home owners use ENERKEY mobile app is so simple, they just need to do 1 click to participate in energy saving day and let us do the rest. Everyday if they join, they get a chance to win rewards from companies like Starbucks or Central. They can also join their tribe like condo or city to win bigger prizes.

How I built it

We started from doing hardware integration (Raspberry Pi, Broadlink Infrared Converter, and Smart Meter), energy saving algorithm development with deep Q learning reinforcement algorithm, and do measurement and verification using Tangle with IoTA platform. Here is the breakdown of the software:

  1. Hardware: Raspberry Pi running ENERKEY OS (coded in Python)
  2. Frontend for home owners: Mobile App developed using React Native
  3. Frontend for utilities and companies: Web App developed using Python Django
  4. Cloud server running on Microsoft Azure providing REST API and receive IoT data through IoT Hub

Challenges I ran into

Since we have start doing from hardware integration, algorithm development, there lots of bugs we have to fixed ^^.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have implemented both at the hostel we stayed and at KX building to see it's actually working.

What I learned

We have learn a lot especially the concept of BlockDAG and how to run many nodes in Tangle network as well as learn more about Distributed Ledger Technology.

What's next for HiVE Enerkey

We will go forward to develop our MVP in 4 months and seeking for $20,000 to get our business rolling.

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