One of the biggest problems facing our society today is the growing mortality rate of bees. They act as the pollinators for over 90% of Earth's fauna, and without them, those fauna would surely die along with the rest of life on Earth. That's why it's important to leverage technology to assist bee keepers in maintaining healthy hives for not just their company prosperity, but for Earth's longevity.

What it does

Using live IoT sensors, we are able to stream live data to several in-house deep learning models to produce live statistics for bee keepers monitoring their hives. We do this through a personal phone app that displays information to beekeepers. Likewise, any data collected is then placed into a crowd-sourced database for researchers to further examine optimal bee hive conditions in real time.

How we built it

Very carefully.

Challenges we ran into

Getting initial data for the deep learning models was a struggle. Likewise, the sensors we had access to were not as accurate as we would hope, but it enables the concept well enough. Our biggest challenge, however, has been streaming data in real time to the deep learning models.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Developed two deep learning models in 24 hours -Utilized several sensors to stream live data with no experience in the field of live sensor streaming.

What we learned

-IoT Analytics is hard

What's next for hive

-Scaling our tech to groups of bee hives

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