Our inspiration was the environment around us! While going hiking we talked about how we saw different animals that made us wish we could have tracked them all together. Thus we created Hitch!

What it does

It is a hiking/walking app designed to connect with nature! With Pebble, the user can mark locations to travel to using Google Maps and can mark potential invasive species in the area. This is certified through questions and facts to make geotravelling and saving the local community. This app is both for iOS and Android!

How we built it

We used Swift for iOS with MapKit, Java(Script) for Android Studio and CloudPebble with PebbleKit, and Firebase!

Challenges we ran into

Coding a radius for location pin change, grid layouts for invasive species, and cramming so much into so little time!d

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managing to make Hitch cross-platform and using wearables (i.e. Pebble) and creating an accurate location tracker which saves data.

What we learned

We learnt how to survive an all-nighter and to have while coding in a positive environment! Furthermore we learned more about different languages such as JS and Swift.

What's next for Hitch

Using Firebase as a database for expanding from Windsor to all across Canada! Also we want to expand our app to make it more interactive and fun to be in the environment.

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