As we are students of Computer Science, we always wanted to work on something productive in the same field. We have been looking for events to participate in, where we could showcase our skills. We have found this Hackathon which will be held very soon in our college. After getting an idea on how this is going to work, we have made our minds to go forward and participate in this. We always wanted to do something from where you can access everything by sitting at your comfort zone. Hence we have chose this project of building a Virtual Tour of our college

What it does

Our project will help everyone who wants to have an overall look of our college by sitting at one place where they can witness the whole campus with the help of a VR headset, accompanied by a bot throughout which will guide the person experiencing it.

What's next for HITAM Virtual Tour

After the successful completion of this project, this will be highlighted on our college website, and also we will make it available for everyone in the campus who would want to experience it hands on. Also we will look for any improvements in the project (if any) which can help us deliver a better version of it.

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