Our Audience

Our platform allows a user to chat with anonymity until they feel comfortable enough to divulge more of their personal information. The goal of our app is to allow users to wear a mask as long as they want, and if both users feel comfortable with one another, they have the option to reveal their name, profile picture, and full profile incrementally.


We are inspired by the dating industry as a whole. Apps such as Tinder have made dating and viewing others into a game, but we still see who these people are. Furthermore, anonymity is a growing industry. People love to hide behind the screen, but many anonymous apps limit users to be strictly anonymous. We want to give users the chance to know who is on the other end of the chat, but only if both users agree.


We are excited about our pub/sub messaging network and the scalable backend hosted on Heroku. We also are proud to have built a true client and server model. This model will allow us to port either into other projects, based on our dry and reusable code. We want our entire application to be easy to maintain and analyze, given the chance.

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