HistoryToAR is an innovative new platform for enhancing the experience of visiting a historical location, with live action video seamlessly integrated into the environment. Audio tours are a thing of the past as visitors can now both see and hear historical events while wearing a pair of Moverio BT-200 smartglasses. HistoryToAR – Alcatraz is an exciting example of this new kind of experience. The Rock, as it is known, provides a vast number of unique and mysterious environments. While mostly empty, visitors can now see those spaces come to life as they watch and listen to reenactments from throughout history. Hear directly from Al Capone, watch one of the most famous prison escapes, and stand in the middle of the 1969 Native American occupation. HistoryToAR tracks the real-world environment in 3D using Metaio’s augmented reality platform. Carefully designed scenes are recorded on green-screen then seamlessly woven into the environment to create an engaging and educational experience for visitors.

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