Our behaviors are monitored every time we use our browser. The data are analyzed by great amount of companies to study our personality and interests. And most of the time we are unconscious about it. We want to develop a google extension to disguise ourselves on the Internet by simulating human behaviour.

What it does

Users can start the History Maker and it will automatically open a tab, find a word from our keyword library and start searching it on google. It happens in background, you can continue doing your work. To simulate user behaviour, it will stay on the page for 1 to 3 minutes. Then, there is a 10% possibility that it makes a new search, and 30% possibility that it makes a search using the words in the current webpage, and 60% possibility that it jumps to a link in the current page. Until you hit stop or close the tab, it will keep jumping among websites to generate fake browsing history.

How I built it

To build our keyword library, we use the New York Times news API and get the headlines of most shared articles in one day, and then parse these headlines and filter the words. We use popup, content and background model to make chrome extension. We use message passing mechanism to exchange data between background, popup content and background. We manipulate the tabs and history by chrome library.

Challenges I ran into

  • It is our first time building google chrome extension. It takes us time to learn.
  • It is also our first time to use manipulate chrome tabs and messages. We spend a lot of time to debug it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We successfully accomplished the first step fighting against hegemony of great company.

What I learned

  • We learned how to build a project with very limited amount of time.
  • We also learned how to build chrome extension.

What's next for History Maker

  • Customize the interval of jumping from one site to another
  • Better filter of news words, so that it does not contain any inappropriate content
  • Make sure it does not jump to shopping website
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