History Bus M22 App uses GPS technology to aid NYC tourists and residents in exploring the 22 historic houses in NYC. Using the iPhones built in GPS, the default setting on the App would pinpoint NYC's 22 historic houses. The information setting links to nychistorytours.com which lists the closest historic locations to the user on all the M22 bus stops from Corlaer's Hook to Battery Park City, and the slightly different route back to Corlaer's Hook. It also recommends all of the small mom and pop dumpling businesses (listing their whole menus). After studying Manhattan history for over 5 years I have found that New York City has the most history of any American city. This great city's beginnings and characters (many written out of history) are often overlooked in most schools curriculum's. This App would open up NYC's past to the future through new technology. The HistoryBusM22 App highlights NYC's historic houses and the historic locations that the M22 bus route runs past while revealing tasty dumpling shops along the journey.

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