The Inspiration Came when I thought I will learn about Big Data.I am a fourth year Engineering student from BIT Kolkata and always have a zeal to learn more.My Sir under whom I am doing internship introduced me to the world of Devpost and hence started.I went through the resources and learnt more

What it does

It takes into account historical data from saves the data in a CSV format then acesses it from Ipython notebook uses Apache Spark within Bluemix to do analysis in it

How I built it

I used IBM Bluemix then Ipython Apache Spark Instance and then used Object storage to access the data and libraries for Python to do analysis and then convert it into a graph form

Challenges I ran into

Learning curve was big as I had to cover everything from scratch still it was a good thing to get hold of IBM Bluemix and then Apache Spark and data analytics

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have used Apache Spark, IBM Bluemix and learnt Python language and I am very happy for it.

What I learned

IBM Bluemix basics and then Apache Spark,Python

What's next for Historical India Data Analysis

Full integration of IBM Bluemix app and more other analysis for a complete India scenario that can be accessed from anywhere.

Built With

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