In early 2020, following the outbreak of Covid-19 and widespread isolation and quarantine, the idea of a virtual world (Metaverse) for life and working with all features of the real world came to the mind of the founders.

What it does

Creating both a Free2Play and Play2Earn metaverse that mixes gaming with social interaction and decision-making to create a world fully built on top of player actions. That is fully on-chain, transparent, cross-chain, and cross-platform.

How we built it

  • Game Engine: Histopia game engine is written and optimized for a cross-platform experience. The engine uses the three.js library as its graphical renderer. This will make easier the integration of VR/AR into our game engine and the use of Virtual Reality technology in Histopia Metaverse. The required SDKs and designer toolkit will be released in the future.

  • Smart Contracts: A big portion of the logic and finance of the Histopia is fully on-chain with the minimum trust issues. The contracts are written in Solidity.

  • Voice Communication and proximity call: we have a media server for supporting a unique proximity chat experience that let users feel the distance between each other and the presence with the voice system.

  • Backend Endpoints: We used python and node.js for implementing our needs of fetching metadata or organizing our databases for a better user experience.

Challenges we ran into

During the development of the Game Engine of Histopia, we had a few dead-ends that seemed impossible to pass. But with the hard work of the team and designers, we were able to solve these issues and pass the limitations of web-based games.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Technical Accomplishments: Successfully using web workers to make the game experience smoother Designing an on-chain in-game challenge architecture that let us securely and trustlessly make in-game mini-games.

What we learned

As we continue in the roadmap of development we become more and more obsessed with a better game experience for users and creating a fun and trustless game at the same time becomes our goal.

What's next for Histopia

Based on the roadmap of the Histopia Metaverse we are fully committed to first launching Histopia on mainnet and making the community base for Histopia and launching our in-game and also DAO features based on our roadmap(the more detailed milestones is on our website)

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