Ever has those pesky webside that find their way in your browser's history ? Tired of having to always check if there is unwanted activity in you history ?

The History Manager extension is made for you ! It will prevent any website related to a concept that you choose from even entering the history. Plus, you can perform a scan of your history to remove any of these that would already be in there.


  • Saved settings are synchronized between devices and sessions
  • Find and remove any linked related to the chosen field, leave everything else where it is
  • Able to generate a random history based on websites that will make you look pure

Challenges we ran into

Getting permissions for the extension Google API was not able to delete a synchronized history (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31748543/chrome-history-api-bizarre-behavior)

What's next for History Manager

  • Keep the related pages from even entering the history
  • Update the efficiency of the searching algorithm

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