To provide a fingertip solution to the customers to get a worker on demand for help. The NGO has a big community of workers trying to find daily jobs at a good rate. Using the platform, we are providing a great opportunity to both (customers and workers) to streamline the effort.

What it does

Using the HireWorkers App, Customers can sign up and create a worker request which will include Type of Service, Time of Service, number of Workers and a brief description. Then the worker will be assigned to the customer from the Backend (which NPO already have). The Hireworker app will let the customers see all the past requests. Customers will also be able to give feedbacks to NPO for the worker who served

How we built it

We have build the Mobile Application on IONIC (Cordova based) for cross platform deployments. The Cloud is powered via Apache + PHP hosted on AWS, with MYSQL as database

Challenges we ran into

Couldn't keep up the Motivation of the team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Created Cross Platform Mobile App which NPO can start using as soon as they want to

What we learned

To come prepared with some piece of code which is common for most of the projects.

What's next for HireWorkers App

A webapp + Notification system for enriched customer engagement.

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