Inspiration: Many of my international student friends have mentioned it is stressful for them to apply to opportunities because some recruiters ask if they are a citizen and end the conversation before they can prove themselves. While we understand sometimes it is company policy that employees must be citizens, sometimes the opportunity for sponsorship makes it harder for students. Beyond this, many of my friends from minority groups do not see as much representation as we would like in the tech field and we would hope this would increase diversity in the field.

What we learned: We were very grateful for this experience as we were able to learn a lot more about the process of creating a project in a collaborative environment. We realized we had to go back to the drawing board many times as we scrapped many initial ideas. We learned a lot about communicating in a constructive and supportive manner which helped us find quite a few potential issues. We learned how to split work but also be able to support each other. Especially when we reach technical issues. We faced the issue of losing the website and scrambling to fix it.

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