During my internship, I faced the daunting challenge of finding the right candidate for my team. Despite posting job openings on multiple platforms, manually shortlisting resumes and conducting interviews, we failed to find the right fit. The process was long, arduous, and time-consuming. This experience inspired me to develop an AI-based shortlisting process that streamlines and accelerates the hiring process, providing employers with top candidates in record time. Today, I am proud to have created a solution that helps businesses save time and resources, and find the best talent quickly and efficiently. My Story video

What it does

Our innovative AI-based solution streamlines the candidate shortlisting process into three simple steps. Firstly, we use AI to analyze resumes and match them to the job description. Secondly, we generate AI-based assignments to further shortlist candidates, which are automatically checked for suitability. Finally, our AI algorithm matches the candidate with the right interviewer, ensuring a perfect match. Experience the future of hiring and find the right candidate for your company with ease.

How we built it

Our solution is built on advanced technologies to provide a seamless hiring experience.

  1. For the first step, we use a one-vs-rest algorithm to analyze resumes and match them to the job description. This helps us identify top candidates who meet the required criteria.
  2. In the second step, we use the API to generate AI-based assignments for further shortlisting. These assignments are automatically checked for suitability and scored using advanced algorithms.
  3. Finally, for the third step, we use the best AI algorithm for match-making, which matches the candidate with the most suitable interviewer based on their skills and experience. This advanced system saves time and effort while ensuring that only the best candidates are selected for the job.

Challenges we ran into

Developing an AI-based solution for candidate shortlisting came with its own set of challenges. The first challenge we faced was in building an accurate algorithm that could match resumes to the job description. This required extensive research and analysis of job descriptions and resumes to create a reliable model.

The second challenge was in generating AI-based assignments for shortlisting candidates. We had to ensure that the assignments were relevant to the job and could be automatically scored, while also being fair to candidates of different backgrounds and levels of experience.

Finally, we faced a challenge in developing an effective AI algorithm for match-making between candidates and interviewers. The algorithm had to consider multiple factors, including the candidate's skills, experience, and communication style, as well as the interviewer's availability and expertise.

Throughout the development process, we had to continuously test and refine our solution to ensure accuracy and fairness. However, the end result is a highly effective and efficient system that streamlines the hiring process and connects employers with the best candidates in record time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Secured 2nd Rank in Eureka-IIT Bombay and won a cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh. • Became Finalist in E-Summit’23-IIT Roorkee

What we learned

Building the above project idea taught us several important lessons. Firstly, we learned the importance of thorough research and analysis when developing an AI-based solution. This included analyzing job descriptions and resumes, as well as researching and testing various algorithms and APIs.

Secondly, we learned the importance of testing and verifying our solution at every stage of development. This involved conducting extensive testing and validation to ensure that the system was accurate, fair, and efficient.

Finally, we learned the importance of collaboration and communication when working on complex projects. This involved working closely with team members and stakeholders to gather feedback, iterate on the solution, and ensure that it met the needs of all users.

Overall, building this project taught us the importance of careful planning, thorough testing, and effective collaboration when developing innovative solutions using AI and other advanced technologies.

What's next for HiremeClub.AI- An AI-based shortlisting process

As we continue to expand this project, our future roadmap includes several key initiatives. Firstly, we plan to expand the solution to cover a wider range of hiring categories, including both technical and non-technical roles, to ensure that our solution can be used by companies across different industries.

Secondly, we plan to expand our reach by offering our solution to both B2B and B2C customers, allowing businesses of all sizes and individuals to benefit from our AI-based candidate shortlisting process.

Finally, we plan to collaborate with placement cells of different colleges in India to provide our solution to students and recent graduates, helping them to connect with potential employers and find the right job for their skills and experience.

Overall, our future roadmap is focused on expanding our solution to reach more users and help more companies and individuals to find the right candidate or job with ease. We are excited to continue developing and refining our innovative AI-based solution to meet the evolving needs of the job market.

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