In the mid of the covid pandemic, every work went into the online process. In such a situation, the Internships provided by the Internship Coordinator are more important for students for the experience of working with startups and good companies. As it becomes difficult for the Internship Coordinator to keep a record of all Internships and also for students finding the internship opportunities between WhatsApp messages which is a bit distorted. Even after this pandemic will be over, the same problem will arise. Hence, a new platform needs to be constructed for the convenience of both the Coordinator and students. And this platform can provide study materials, blogs from experienced ones, and about Hackathons too. And provide them to apply to Internships and Hackathons through LinkedIn.

What it does

HireIN is an application developed using HTML, CSS, Nodejs, Expressjs, MongoDB and hosted in Heruko. It is an opportunity and job portal to host recruitment opportunities for employers as well as expose students to various opportunities available. Through the portal, we encourage more transparency within the hiring process thus bridging the gap between employers and students together. The portal focuses on various channels of recruitment like LinkedIn, Hackathons, Careers page, etc, and makes it accessible for students. HireIN provides a system that helps technical recruiters manage the process more efficiently.

Features of HireIN

  1. The Home Page : The home page consists of 3 section, mainly a donut chart implemented using Chart.js to visualize data conducted in a survey.
  2. HirePrep Page : The HirePrep page consists of various links to blog of medium articles and as well as a search bar implemented using JavaScript to filter search.
  3. HireExplore Page : The HireExplore page consists of 3 tabs which focuses on 3 channels of recruitment i.e Career Page, Hackathon, LinkedIn. Where in Career Page the data is rendered dynamically.
  4. HireNow Page : Which consists of a form which recruiters can fill in to acess a pool of talented students HireIn is associated with.

How we built it

The frontend is built using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and EJS (which is a templating engine for nodejs), while for the backend I have used Express js and MongoDB. The Login and SignUp feature is also implemented using JWT and express. I did try to implement CI/CD using Heroku. And Figma for designing the initial idea and prototype.

Challenges we ran into

Firstly handling data, passing and storing it in a NoSQL database. I tried implementing 2 schemas 1. User Schema, which stores user information entered while registering 2. Explore Schema for storing the data of jobs entered by potential employers. Displaying data was nicely handled by EJS which helped dynamically render the data from MongoDB if few lines of code. Uploading images/files in nodejs using multer, caused me a huge problem but tried to manage it somehow to solve it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of accomplishing a full-stack web application project during the hackathon. Login and Signup using JWT authentication, the form validation and the overall design of the website. The feature I am most proud of to pull off is the explore page where data entered through the HireNow form is dynamically rendered into the HireExplore page. As well as the search functionality in the HirePrep page which I implemented using javascript. I first implemented a doughnut chart using Chart.js, played with the data to show the channel of recruitment on the home page.

What we learned

I learned and explored Chart.js as well as implemented a doughnut chart visualizing the data of a survey. Even researched about Json web tokens inorder to fully implement the login signup authentication feature. I also learned how to work in a timeframe and how useful it is to break a feature into small tasks so that the output can be well visible.

What's next for HireIN

HireIN is an application that will help both the university students and the coordinators to manage the details of internships and hackathons. And with the help of this application, the student can have access to internship opportunities, hackathons opportunities, blogs which will help in preparation purposes and act as study material too. They will be able to get to read experience from the people who have worked in various huge companies.

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