The inspiration of this app stemmed with a simple spreadsheet. On this spreadsheet were a list with jobs that had a color code of whether the person had gotten the offer, still are pending, or declined. With a multitude of endless spreadsheets, we have decided to make a breakthrough in job searching history: HireHelper. With HireHelper, you will be more organized and on track with job applications like never before.

What it does

The HireHelper is divided into four categories, one more that what the spreadsheet had when it was created. You have the "reminders" page which provides you a simple quick glance at the information you need to stay on track with your job applications. The "offers" page provides the user a detailed look at the offers happily given to them. This section also provides you with interview questions and solutions from that you were given relative to the interview. The "pending" section provides the you company's contact information and helps you with the future steps in getting further in the hiring process. Finally, this app lists companies that you have been denied from. Being denied in the hiring process is a learning process, and we have the tools to get you back on your feet to nail the next one such as contact information and interview questions.

How we built it

The technology that we used to create this masterpiece is Google Firebase Firestore, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and NodeJS to create a lightweight and fast application. We chose these technologies because they helped our application run on only one page, making it seem lightening fast. Bootstrap also allowed us to format our content easier and build beautiful UIs.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges that we ran into was definitely time. One disadvantage was that some of us didn't know AngularJS well, so that that was a bottleneck. We also ran into some issues with Google Firebase, including the hosting and database in Firestore when connecting with NodeJS. We also ran into some issues with using Express, so we decided to no go with that in our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A few accomplishments that we're proud of is our teamwork and performing to the best of our ability. We took some rest from the star, but we pulled through to make something consistent and lightweight. We all learned something new throughout the process. We are also proud of the decisions we made to go with the technologies we chose and the beautiful and simple UI we designed.

What we learned

What we learned was that we should have decided on what technology we wanted to use earlier before the hackathon. This would have allowed us to spend less time debating which technologies we were comfortable using. For example, after receiving help from multiple mentors, some of us felt that we should have used the later version of Angular. Although AngularJS is good, a current version of Angular would have led to us having lesser problems.

What's next for HireHelper

What's next for us? We plan on continuing on improving our product and helping people around the world get their dream jobs. We also would like to partner up with different kinds of recruiters of different careers so that they can promote our product and help future employees stay on track.

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