Hiragana War is an edutainment game based-on the 46 letters of hiragana excluding diacritical marks. It was based on my way of learning hiragana as well as other activities that help people memorize Japanese writing. The game is meant to provide an easier and more engaging way of learning Japanese. This project was built with the Unity game engine and artwork created by me. Anything that's not created by me was made with material under Creative Commons. Making an entire game in under 24 hours is no easy feat as I had to completely focus on this project to meet the deadline. Not to mention I had to abandon scaling the game to meet all screen sizes and only satisfy the 1024 x 768 screen size. Still, I am glad that I was able to include as many features as I could in that time limit. Additionally, I have never taught anything before and I wanted to take a unique style to teaching Japanese. So, I managed to learn how to teach other people. Right now, Hiragana War only covers all 46 hiragana letters and not anything related to diacritical marks, small circle marks, and the effect of the small tsu letter. If I want to make a sequel, I could also make Katakana War since it's relatively easy to teach too.

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