One of our member's father is a doctor and from her experience, she has observed a lack of communication between nurses and doctors that are hindering proper treatment of patients. An estimated 80 percent of medical errors involve some form of communication according to research by the Journal of the American Medical Association. We found multiple news articles which exposed the prevalence of this issue and the harm it's causing to patients as well as affecting the relationships between medical staff. One such appalling example is where a nurse was aware that their patient had a latex allergy, but the surgeon did not acknowledge this and used latex gloves for surgery until it was brought up by the nurse.
Nurses, who observe more of the patient's situation and symptoms, are unable to express all of their thoughts to doctors because of the possible consequences they could face. Such problems could easily be overcome with the right approach. We also asked friends in the hospital industry what the current process of communication is like and problems exist such as nurses who have to decipher messy handwriting.

Often, doctors refuse to listen to nurses due to their ego. In order to completely solve this problem, we need to remove the power hierarchy between different levels of staff and anonymizing progress reports. Read Article Here

What it does

Hospital Administration System that allows anonymous notes on patients' profiles so that doctors have a sense of patient's allergies and hear what nurses think. Doctors can also use voice-to-text to save diagnosis without having to type/write into a computer.

How we built it

Python Flask for Backend Dedicated SQLAlchemy Database hosted on DigitalOcean Google Cloud Speech for voice-to-text HTML, Materialize, CSS, JQuery for Frontend

Challenges we ran into

This is the first hackathon for everyone in our team except for one person so everything was quite challenging. We were supposed to use React for front-end but couldn't figure out a way to link to flask in time. Another challenging part we encountered was trying to make SQL queries and commits to the server from python flask.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The majority of us had no experience in front-end and we learned a lot of JQuery and stylesheets while doing this Hackathon. We enabled writing to the database from front-end forms. We also successfully utilised voice APIs to establish a voice to text feature for our system.

What we learned

Flask routing, SQLAlchemy, how things work in a hospital

What's next for Hira

We will continuing polishing up Hira's interface and add a to-do board resembling a JIRA interface for nurses and doctors, as well as improving usability for healthcare.

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