In a Gallup poll this year asking Americans whether they believe congress should be run by one or both parties, "Thirty-six percent of Americans think control should be divided in the House and Senate, and a quarter of Americans don’t think it makes a difference." 90% of incumbents are re-elected yet Congress has a 15% approval rating. Most voters, especially young voters, feel disconnected from the political process – they don't know what bills are up for votes, let alone what's actually in those bills.

Hipvote gamifies and simplifies government engagement, making it easy for your opinion to count. It does this in key ways:

  • Hipvote gives points for voting on bills against leaderboards with your friends, your district and your country (incentivizing consistent engagement). It allows you to compare your votes to your friends' votes as well as those in your district.
  • Hipvote (automatically) simplifies bills into 3 key sentences, making it easy to digest.
  • Hipvote gives you a chance to cast your own vote by sending a notification when a bill is up for vote in the Senate or House of Representatives.
  • Hipvote amplifies users' voices in two ways: 1. shares your vote directly with your congressperson on their Twitter and Facebook pages, and 2. Hipvote emails and tweets the aggregated views of your district directly to your congressperson.
  • Hipvote sends a notification immediately following your congressperson's vote, then compare it to your own and your district tally. Then see how your votes line up over time.
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