Hindsight is an app that we conceived of in light of recent attention on the alcohol consumption and overall party culture that is endemic to college campuses today. We’re not sure that it’s possible to completely eliminate binge drinking and other cases of unsafe activity that occur at night on college campuses. However, we do think that we can provide a way for people to have the ability to reconstruct their nights, as well as have the ability to control when they get home safely.

Our app has two main features. It first allows you to track where you’ve been all night, and at what time. We think that this is not only a useful feature for people piecing their nights back together, but a fun exercise as well. We provide a coherent path that someone took throughout the night, and the ability to see when they were at what area. Second, we allow someone to set a geolocation of “home” and a time at which they want to be home. If they’re not home at that time, it will notify the person, at which point they can cancel and stay out later. However, if they are unable to do so for some reason, then it will alert a predetermined set of emergency contacts for that user, telling them that the user is not home when they were supposed to be.

We think that while this app is far from a cultural silver bullet in terms of ending alcohol related accidents and assaults, it still has the potential to make people’s nights safer, and perhaps, more memorable.

Built With

  • applemapkit
  • body-parser
  • express-js
  • heroku
  • ios
  • mongodb
  • node-js.-backend
  • our-own-custom-data-sets-made-from-walking-around
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