We were inspired by the Hack the North Opening Ceremonies chat where everyone was talking about much they love timbits.

What it does

Himbit - Your Timbit Boyfriend is a visual novel romance game following a university student who meets Tim, an original timbit at Him Tortons.

To play use the space bar to show dialogue and click on the options provided to select your response!

How we built it

We built this in Unity! Most of the weekend (basically 75% of it) Sam and Nat (the people who know Unity) had work so Maria (the one who doesn't know Unity) was left to watch tutorials and figure things out. Since this is a visual novel we focused on building out a Dialogue System and Dialogue Tree for the possible branches in conversation with Tim.

Challenges we ran into

Maria not knowing Unity, limited time, and figuring out the style & theme of our game. At first we were thinking of making a chat style game like Mystic Messenger but then we pivoted to a visual novel like Hatoful Boyfriend because of our lack of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a funny & unique game that hopefully people enjoy playing :D

What we learned

Maria learned Unity, Sam and Nat learned to not have work hours during a hackathon

What's next for Himbit

We have 2 more characters we'd like to introduce:

  • Timothy, the powdered timbit
  • Timmy, the chocolate timbit

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