We aim to bridge two groups people: people who are strapped for cash and those that needs help. We make outsourcing help easy, and also make it fun to run errands, making helping others enjoyable.

What it does

We connects those who need help with hill-runners. Hill-runners help accomplish what they can't and by doing so, they would be rewarded with experience points. After raking enough experience points, hill-runners will level-up and be paid.

How we built it

We created out server on node.js and use MongoDB to store our data. To ensure real-time rendering, we implemented that provides a bi-directional communication between the server and client-side, providing a dynamic platform for the users. Furthermore, upon accepting quests, both users and hillrunners are given email reminders, which is implemented using SendGrid. We, then, beautify the website with Bootstrap and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Setting the is challenging. Making sure the connections are all wired up correctly is hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to overcome the difficulty to setup the

What we learned

We learn that we need refactor our code better. This would make the code more readable and easier to debug.

What's next for HillRunner

We plan to Reactify it, and implement a react-native platform so we have powerful cross-platform capabilities. We believe the future of the app is in mobile.

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