This was mainly for fun. I thought that chatbots would feel more human if they had personalities. I'd love to log into my banking website and be able to customize the personality of the chatbot there. I took the camping theme literally and tried to make something inspired by outdoor activity.

What it does

Asks questions to determine a packing list for the user. Also tells jokes

How we built it

Built using a chatbot API and a weather API

Challenges we ran into

Having the correct version of things. Syntax. Pulling data from a request.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the first project I've made in React and in VS Code. I'm quite proud of it, even if it could be made better.

What we learned

How to use fetch, more confident with the command line, various bits of git. What a component is.

What's next for Hiking With Dad

Probably nothing. It's not put together too well. But I'm glad to understand components better, and a bit better how JS and websites are made

Made by Seb Fousse

Built With

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