The internet helped humanity stay connected in ways they only dreamed of previously.

For years we enjoyed ever-evolving ways to stay in touch with friends and family around the world...

Initially, it seemed as if our mainstream social media apps were enhancing our freedoms and enabling humanity. The value of our attention and our personal data seemed trivial, especially on a micro-scale.

The pandemic has emphasized the dangers of a few profit-driven oligopolies wielding so much power and influence over humanity. We are here to shift that narrative to that of the empowered and enriched individual, that is aligned with the collective. Supporting and cultivating the frequency of win/win dynamics.

Everything around us is energy, including our thoughts, our media, and our tools. Imagine a powerful economy impacting billions around the planet, built to support our value creation abilities in ways that enable us to grow and thrive. Our mission is to leverage emerging technologies, inclusive incentive structures, and engaged communities to elevate our human experience. Introducing solutions that truly serve our deep human needs of growth and connection.

We are inspired to channel energy toward experiences that enhance our lives, and thus expanding the already booming wellness industry (larger than $4.5 Trillion per year). Anyone who participates in Highvibe Network is together pioneering a new industry category known as Functional Entertainment.

What it does

“Our goal is to build bridges and tunnels between apps, and form the largest wellness community in the world…”

Highvibe Network is a blockchain-based ecosystem designed to elevate our human experience, to help elevate our collective consciousness.

We are a marketplace aligning attention with productive and expansive experiences. Based on segments both within, and expanding around the Wellness economy.

Highvibe Network brings together premium content and experiences from leading authors, creators, and affiliates, and bridges it with NFTs and cutting-edge incentive programs.

Platform revenues are generated through digital art, subscriptions, product purchases, aligned advertising, and events, and we reward users monetarily with the Highvibe Token ($VIBES) for participation on the platform (for activities such as completing courses, listening to immersive audio tracks, writing good content, governance participation, commenting, rating products, bringing new users to the platform, etc). The $VIBES Token in turn allows users to unlock special access, receive limited edition NFT drops, as well as purchase products, programs, events, and subscriptions within the ecosystem.

We already have a marketplace app integrated into several networks. During the contest period, we worked on three pieces:

  • integrated our marketplace app into Theta Network. This allowed us to be one of the first marketplaces with a cross-chain feature on Theta.
  • created a smart contract layer for NFT Liquidity Mining with TDROP. We know Theta's roadmap and our aim is to be the first 3rd-party NFT DApp built on the NFT marketplace smart contract (ThetaDrop NFT Marketplace Trading Engine) open-sourced by the Theta team.
  • improved the UIs and enhanced the feature set in our app to increase the use-cases of Liquidity Mining with TDROP.


How we built it

We have divided our workload into three main components: i)Theta network integration into the alpha version of our marketplace app, ii) Smart contract layer to be 3rd-party NFT DApp built on the NFT marketplace smart contract, and iii) enhancements of the user interfaces of our app.

The first part (alpha version of the app) can be tested from the link below. Here, we used the theta-eth-rpc-adaptor and deployed our smart contracts on Theta main network.

A couple of transaction detail can be found in the below links

Transaction 1: Transaction 2:

Marketplace repos:

The second part works with the flows below:


In addition to the main work of Engine integration, we have two unique contributions:

  1. Alternative ways to burn TFUEL: TDROP rewards are for NFT transactions only. What we will have is “TDROP mining” with actions/transactions like “listening to morning meditation”, “writing a journal” or even with minor actions like "tipping" and “clicking a like button”. If they wish, users will pay a gas fee with TFUEL and mint a free NFT (as proof of action) and eventually collect TDROP reward.

  2. Enhance the reward system with $VIBES token: We have a reward model. After carefully reviewing the TDROP whitepaper, we ran a few simulation tests and decided to revise our reward model with additional parameters. While determining the TDROP reward amount, the algorithm looks at the maximum price in past and takes the difference between the current price and the maximum price. If the difference is minus the reward is a very small parameter, it is minimal. This might be necessary to eliminate wash trading but there are some projects that have real value, strong community but face low floor price for a period because of some technical problems at launch. For such projects, looking only at the historic maximum could be a bit harsh. We offer to look at the moving average of the floor price for the last few days. We have a formulation to find the difference in case the moving average would be used and compensate the difference with $VIBES token. This is to incentivize the collections that have temporary bad days.

Our GitHub repo can be found here:

Here are some of our TDROP mining examples use cases and descriptions:

Basic TDROP mining

Basic means basic, this method will be used for small awards such as "writing a journal" etc.

Here is an example of TDROP mining output using Truffle tests.


Actions such as liking an NFT or adding it to the wishlist won't be rewarding as much as other actions, but the incentive is still there. TDROP rates are determined by the pre-defined parameters and we can create a harmony with the $VIBES reward anytime in the future depending on our live testing data.


Our biggest TDROP mining use case is trading an NFT. With the trading engine Theta developers provided, we have started to assemble our systems, implement integration modules/contracts. So that we can be ready when TDROP farming goes live. With these mechanisms, we would like to incentivize collections that are experiencing brief setbacks, therefore, this use case should be as attractive as possible in terms of rewards.


It can be acknowledged that, by spending more amounts of VIBES or TFUEL, you can earn more TDROP tokens. By utilizing our algorithms, we will be constantly monitoring the Theta Network and adjusting our TDROP mining rates appropriately.

For the third part, we recorded a video and uploaded some of the screens to show a part of our app. It can be viewed on our project media.

Challenges we ran into

As is known, TDROP farming is not yet open for testing outside of the Truffle Suite yet. Liquidity mining capability in ThetaDrop Trading Engine is expected to fail when tested against private Theta networks since it calls evm_mine to function. That means, to use this capability, we had to use javascript classes to compile, deploy and test our contracts inside Truffle with the Ganache network. Running Ganache locally is also a limiting factor when it comes to wide-scale testing. This problem can be easily fixed when TDROP becomes available for general use on the live Theta network, but for now, we had to implement a backend service to bypass the problem. In general, we were limited to showing our work by implementing it in our current app. So, we decided to provide terminal outputs to show that we have an up and running codebase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of developing unique ideas to improve the implementation of the TDROP Liquidity Mining system. It should be noted that we already have several TDROP mining use cases implemented, test cases set up, and ready to integrate when TDROP mining becomes live.

We believe, we are ahead of many projects in the ecosystem and looking forward to collaborating in the near future.

What we learned

During the Contest Period, ThetaDrop had many valuable launches such as the Secret Pineapple Society. By observing these processes, we learned how we can improve our NFT collection launch projects and enhance our marketplace app.

What's next for Highvibe Network NFTs Minting and Marketplace

As mentioned, we are planning to add new features to our app. Our smart contracts and UIs are ready. We will be working on the frontend and testing our contracts along with our app to be ready before February 2022 TDROP launch.

Update: Based on our request, has agreed to integrate Theta Network. Offering a non-custodial wallet as a 'passwordless' onboarding experience to Web3. This is a great feature that will help the entire Theta ecosystem and will also help with network effects for anyone already using this solution. Moreover, as seen in our demo, this doesn't prevent anyone from also using other non-custodial wallets.

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posted an update

Based on our request, has agreed to integrate Theta Network. Offering a non-custodial wallet as a 'passwordless' onboarding experience to Web3. This is a great feature that will help the entire Theta ecosystem and will also help with network effects for anyone already using this solution. Moreover, as seen in our demo, this doesn't prevent anyone from also using other non-custodial wallets.

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