A voice only interactive game for high school students on time management based on Amazon's Alexa platform.

This is intented as an example for PEO Mississauga Chapter's Hackathon Invitation: – Alexa Skills Challenge for Kids

What is this?

This game's concept is based on the brainstroming session on 16-Dec-2017 from students from grade 9 to 11 who are interested in developing their programming skills and learn more about this emerging technology, i.e. voice control interface.

This game concept is simple. As a typical high school student, there are many conflicting priorites such as school, social activities and part-time work, and this game is to challenge high school students on how handle those priorities with limit free time outside school.

how does it work?

As with all other Amazon Alexa skills, you start the game with the phase "Alexa, open highschooler".

welcome to highschooler challenge. this game challenges you on how to manage your free time as a high school student.every week you have 40 hours to spent on school, work and fun activities. you can said I want to put 5 extra hours in school etc. you will get a status report every week. when you are ready, just say game start. ready player one?

Once you start the game by saying something similar to game start, an overview of the next week's schedule will be presented to you.

This week you have 10 events. 2 school related, 2 work related, and 6 events are for fun. how do you want to spent the 40 hours? you can just say put five hours into school etc., or say tell me events on Monday.

For example, if you say get me events friday:

on friday you have computer science project due, history essay due. you can just say put five hours into school etc., or say tell me events on Monday.

You can put hours into different priorities (school, fun, and work) by saying put ten hours in school etc.

you have put 10 hours for school activities, 0 hours for part time work and, 0 hours for fun., are you ready to start the week? just say start the week or put more or less hours into school, fun, work etc.

One you have put all the hours you want to different priorities, you can start the week, and a summary will be presented to you.

This week you have 10 events you have put 10 hours on 2 school activities and you have done well, you have put 10 hours on 2 work and you have done very well, and you have put 20 hours on 6 fun stuff and you did poorly. do you want to play again? Just say go to next week or another game

Different events (e.g. computer science project) requires different hours and each time it's requirement is randomized, not unlike real life. And the summary is based on the number of hours you put to different priorities.

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