End Goal (UNK):

  • Escape the Room (?)
  • Solve the mystery of what's dead and what's alive (?)
  • If you find the thing that's alive, it will give you the key to escape the room. If you however ended up killing it, a horror truth will be revealed.

NODE: Task list is in the TODO file.


A movable character (black square) stands at the center of a 9x9 gray Room with 5 types of drug, differentiated by colors (red, blue, green, yellow, purple). As the character touched a drug, the background color changes to the drug's color, with some sound effect happens.

Hopefully achieved by 1PM Saturday


Main character stuck inside a room with a drug shelf and some artifact (Teddy Bear, Flower Vase, a little girl?). He has some illness, and need to take some drug. The side effect of the drug he take make things around him becomes alive. He interact with them, and try to figure out what is really alive and what's not.

Hopefully achieved by 9PM Saturday


Ambient background music surrounding, with a light shade of gradient on the foreground.

Hopefully achieved by 9AM Sunday


Multiplayer where each person get a drug and each see the world and each other differently.


  • Yonas Berhe
  • Louis Vichy
  • Akshay Chalana
  • Bogdan Cshonyak
  • Bryan Rivera
  • Kristoffer Hebert

Sounds/ Graphics

  • Phaser sample graphics libraries
  • Music by Win32


  • highonlife.meteor.com
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