On Pinterest it is easy to find boards on a topic. However, as Pinterest grows so do the size of many of its boards. Due to the size of boards, it can become a significant challenge to locate pins of interest within it. “Highlight” helps to alleviate this problem through the use of natural language processing and visual cues to group pins together within a given board.

Grouping is done by using concepts extraction on the descriptions of the pins through the use of AlchemyAPI. The groups are then shown by the use of a colored border around the edge of the image for the pin. Each color is used to designate a specific group. When you hover over a pin, if it belongs to a group, the name of the group will appear in the upper right hand corner and any pins not in the group will fade out leaving only pins in the group visible. When you hover off the pin the pins will return to their normal state. These visual cues help the user to locate pins related to each other within the board quickly so less time is spent hunting through boards for specific pins.

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