After a brainstorming session powered by Tim Hortons coffee, we decided that we wanted to show people how different actions affect their carbon footprint. We decided that engaging the user would be a great way to make them learn, so we decided to create a game.

What it does

We found data from this site about the greenhouse gas emissions of the average American and how changing habits, such as riding a bike, or eating vegetables, would lower this. We then decided to put it into a game format similar to "The Higher Lower Game" but instead of what gets Googled more, the user must pick what action lowers your emissions the most.

How we built it

We built it using React because most of the people in the group have not used it before, so this seemed like a great opportunity to learn.

Challenges we ran into

We were basically thrown into the deep end when it comes to React. We found out the hard way that there definitely is a "React way" of doing things and that going against that will be a hard time, especially since React errors are not very helpful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are content that we learned React this way. ALthough it was stressful, it seems like a good starting point for learning React at a deeper level.

What we learned

We leaned heavily on the useState hook of React, and we feel like we got a good grasp on what it is used for. We also designed the UI before we coded it up, so we learned about basic design principles and how to translate designs into CSS

What's next for Higher, Higher! An addictive learning experience

We definitely want to polish it up, but other than that, we can add different types of data and let the user choose what they want to learn about. One example would be using data on the number of endangered animals left. We feel like this game could definitely be a great learning tool.

Note for organizers: The four of us are university students.

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