I earlier worked on this project to play music on multiple devices simultaneously, but couldn't make a functional app, and it remained in Alpha. So I saw the Java tools hackathons as an opportunity to remake the project from scratch, removing all the bugs and incorporating Visual Studio Team Services.
It is inspired from parties where we try to coordinate with our friends and hit the play button together to start a video at the same time in all the devices. This app is about automating that task.

What it does

The project is an android app that plays videos(music) on multiple devices simultaneously, to get better effect and loud sound. No more need to get speakers to play for a dorm party.
It works with location and global time and hence there's no need to create a hotspot, connect devices with Bluetooth, or streaming content.

How I built it

I made it on Android Studio with VSTS plugin and tested on physical devices, VS emulator for android, genymotion etc.
It uses the devices location to smartly get all the devices nearby, and categorize them into servers and clients. Anyone can create a server or a host, search for a video on youtube while others join and buffer the video. Once everyone is ready, the host plays the video and it gets played at the same time on all devices.

Challenges I ran into

The syncing of video was a challenge, but I was finally able to get good sync on all devices.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Adding animations to android, achieving sync.

What I learned

  • Integrating VSTS while making an android app with java, version control and issue management.
  • trnql SDK
  • Adding activity transitions in Android.

What's next for High Youtube

  • Syncing when the music has already started
  • UI improvement.
  • Adding soundcloud to play music, to use less data.

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