Hello fellow hackers! Greetings from Lausanne, Switzerland.

I and @Fedele Tagarelli would like to propose a high throughput UV mask-cleaning machine, to allow mask reuse to up to three times: that could be equivalent to +300% in mask supply! Moreover, this method could be environmentally friendly too! This idea is based on the recent mask disinfection protocol shared by Nebraska Medicine: https://www.nebraskamed.com/sites/default/files/documents/covid-19/n-95-decon-process.pdf

To do so, we propose two ideas, but other inputs are most welcome. The first could consist of a spinning basket with an Archimedes screw design: this could allow uniform irradiation of the masks while ensuring safety for the users. The other design could consist of a transportation belt where masks are traveling while being fully irradiated by UV light as well. Attached some rudimental sketches of the machines.

We have basic hardware to develop a Proof of Concept scaled model, but we lack proper UV lamps and spaces to build a full-size machine. Ideally our finalized design could be scaled up following the end of the hackathon.

We are looking forward to team up with: microbiologists/virologists/doctors, mechanical engineers, 3D designers, physics graduates (for irradiation modeling), makers, video/animation producers, washing-machine industry experts, UV experts and anyone else that can contribute with their skills and knowledge to turn this idea into an impactful product for our precious healthcare professionals. Please write me directly to get started altogether! Looking forward to some hacking with you, have fun everyone!

Outman and Fedele

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