With many students making the transition from a virtual setting into an in-person setting for their education, schools will be faced with many difficulties regarding the organization of the the school’s teachers, students, and administrators. Hence, we wanted to come up with a high school management system that can help schools keep track of all of these vital pieces of information.

What it does

This is a management system that high schools can use. Administrators can make announcements. Teachers can manage student grades, add a new student, view their classes, and see all of their students. Students can choose classes for the upcoming year, choose summer camps, find tutors, find clubs at their school, and create their résumé.

How we built it

The language that we used in order to implement the various algorithms of our management plan was JAVA. We chose this language due to the experience that all of the team members had with the language from various classes offered by our district. Another tool that we utilized is Replit. Replit was a great program for all of our team members to collaborate on the project simultaneously. With the time restriction of the hackathon and the social distancing during the pandemic, this virtual tool allowed us to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Challenges we ran into

1. Bugs in our Code A common issue that we faced with our project was running into errors, like anyone with coding experience would. However, we solved this issue by working together to find solutions.

2. Time Constraint With only one weekend to complete the project, we had to work diligently and cohesively in order to get the best results possible. In order to solve this issue, we had to manage our time wisely and work on helping one another out when a team member ran into a schedule conflict.

3. Out of the Box Thinking When coming up with the idea of our project, we also had to consider the various scenarios that one may experience as staff in a school. By working together, we were able to come up with the best scenarios possible in order to make out project accessible during various circumstances.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One accomplishment that we're proud of is our capability to work through the various bugs in our code. Around the end of our project, we felt the need to just delete parts of our code rather than trying to find a solution. However, as a team, we were able to work together in a manner that allowed us to keep all aspects of our code and keep the project up to all of the standards that we had from the start.

What we learned

1. GAIN patience When coding, there can be many issues that one may face. We learned that it important to have patience and get the help we need when we need it.

2. WORK as a team It is very important that we work as a team in order to get the project done with the best results possible.

3. MANAGE time wisely With a time constraint, we made sure to manage our schedule and time as wisely as possible. We also made sure to hold each other accountable for the work we were given.

4. LEARN as you go With all of the great tutorials that Citro Hacks had to offer, we were able to learn new skills that we were able to utilize in our project.

What's next for the High School Management System

In the future, all of the algorithms will be implemented in an app or website in order to provide users the features to save all of their information along with the profiles they created.

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