We were inspired by our 7th grade teacher. She had a huge library and it was very unorganized.

This app will enable students to check out and return books from their phone or tablet.

It was hard to figure out which api to use and we finally picked chegg's api. It fit what we needed best. It had the EAPN numbers of all the books which we could use to help identify each book,

We are proud of the fact that we were able to develop a web app like this all by ourselves and we are only 14, as well as the fact that we finished it in this little time.

We learned that we are capable of doing anything as well as a lot about other apis because this is the first time we incorporated them into an application.

We are planning on putting this app on the App store and google store. We will improve it more and do more touch ups because what we have done so far was only in a small amount of time and with limited resources.

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