What it is

A song made from 15 years of daily market data from S&P 500 companies.

How I built it

Wrote a python script to streamling and enhance the free data from Quant Quote, and used the audiolyzeR package for R to convert the data into audio. The audio was captured using hardware and and audacity, and then edited into a more musical structure.

Challenges I ran into

Satisfactory tools for turning raw data (CSV, .TXT) into audio are either unavailable or not intended for use with large quantities of data. Scripting is also tricky.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Writing a python script to automate the reading and rewriting of CSV files full of financial data. Finding a functional tool to turn data into audio required a great deal of research and effort.

What I learned

how to deal with large numbers of large CSV files simultaneously using python, as well as how to surmount some of the problems that occur when dealing with large files: Excel does not like 1.8 million row long CSV files.

What's next for High Frequency Audiolization - S&P 500

Automating the process of turning stock data into music.


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