the wonderful services of IBM Watson that fascinated us so tried experimenting different things

What it does

It allows us to make Intelligent decisions on high end ultrabooks purchase with visual representation of data and also using Alchemy API to give a way to find founders of Laptop manufacturers.

How we built it

We have used IBM Bluemix and have had used Watson Tradeoff analytics,Alchemy APi as well as Visual recognition beta and we made a flow for the laptops high end ultrabooks.It will be expanded later on.

Challenges we ran into

With a little knowledge of nodered we had to explore node red and implementing it in IBM Bluemix

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integration of IBM Bluemix with Nodered and adding different watson services was fun

What we learned

IBM Bluemix,IBM Watson,Nodered

What's next for High End Ultrabook Tradeoff analytics

We will be adding different ranged Ultrabooks,laptops and interesting info on Laptop manufacturers people involved in the industry and make it more interactive.

Built With

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