The classic disposable camera re imagined for YOUR mobile phone Tired of instant gratification? Are you tired of being able to take an unlimited amount of perfect photos at any given moment? What happened to the good old days, where film cameras were disposable and the photos were only ready once someone gets around to it?

Hi-definition miracle camera, is new way to interact and share photos on Facebook and other social media! All the fun of a disposable camera without the fear of expiring film! Load up the app and you will be greeted with pure 90's disposable camera nostalgia with the following great features:

  • Look through a realistic 1cm wide viewing range!
  • Shoot photos from the standard distance of 4 ft- 14.5ft found in common disposable cameras!
  • Publish your 27 photos set to Facebook.
  • Realistic film development waiting periods!
  • Blind your enemies with acceleration based flashing
  • Realistic revolving film wheel, flash and shutter release sounds!
  • New disposable camera skins for every roll of film!
  • Incredible 200 - 800 ISO HD photos!
  • Rapid 7 day development time!

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