We all have sensitive information, and there are many times we might need to send such information to friends, family, business associates, etc. However, if someone else is watching the network, they could easily figure out when and what you are sending. This is where Hide n Sneak comes in.

Upload your sensitive file to our service and let us know who all it should go to and we'll do the rest. What we do is encrypt the file and "add" it to the accounts you specified. Then, those who are running our proxy server will secretly get the file without any extra information being sent over the network. The way we do this is by further encrypting the file into the images, css colors, etc of the sites they are regularly visiting. The sites will look exactly the same to both people on the network and to our eyes, but all of a sudden, with a click of a button (our javascript bookmarklet), you can decode anything clientside right on your browser provided you have permission of course ;)

(What the video on our project site: adhishramkumar.com/hidensneak)

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