HiBar combines the Pebble, iPhone, and a powerful open API into a comprehensive virtual personal trainer that makes strength training simpler, safer, and more rewarding. Through leveraging sensors in the Pebble and iPhone, HiBar offers guided walkthroughs through personalized workouts, automatic tracking and form corrections, and actionable reports and advice.

Strength training sounds like a miracle drug you'd find on late night TV, it's been proven to improve memory, self-esteem, and quality of sleep, lower depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue, and be one of the safest sports out there. Yet, strength training can be an intimidating, confusing, and technical form of exercise, frustrating enough, to keep the people who could gain the most, from doing it.

HiBar changes that. Instead of requiring expensive, fitness-specific hardware, HiBar brings powerful strength training tools to the Pebble, a general purpose watch owned by a large cross section of people who aren’t all already fitness buffs. HiBar’s api is open and available to everyone, from developers to actual personal trainers, to build on and extend. By being with users from the first second of planning to the last rep at the gym and beyond, HiBar turns fitness from a phase into a lifelong habit, and makes its users happier and healthier in the process.

You do the exercise, HiBar does the rest.

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