[Current Problem] Currently, do not have the public system to provide the comprehensive health record of people to the doctor/patient/organization for public health issue. Therefore, we do not have data to analyze/predict who will have the high risk on COVID-19. Also, we can’t provide alert for public/specific group when the citizen got COVID-19. Moreover, we do not have data to do further action to protect public health.

[Solution] Develop a blockchain health system to provide comprehensive health record and information from people to the doctor/patient/organization for public health issue (COVID-19). Actually, the system will not only use in handling COVID-19, but also can use at different public health issues.


  1. Comprehensive public health system for data integration, people/doctor/organization/government can update the people health record into same system.
  2. Doctor/organization/government can access the system to view the record, the people can view and generate their own health record for any usage.
  3. Overcome privacy problem, the system will not record the personal data such as detailed address/ID card number/name..
  4. Big data application for public health issue
  5. Immutability - No one can edit the data in the system.
  6. Improve the working efficiency on public health issue.
  7. Can provide data support for other health related project
  8. Use the international standard for electronic health record storage
  9. Can be used at different cities

What it does

  1. Input (data collection) 1.1 People can make a record for their daily health condition such as body temperature, sick symptom, medicine usage and so on. 1.2 Family doctor/Clinic/Hospital can update the people health information in the system when they have body check. 1.3 Organization/Company/Government Department can update the people health information in the system when people have been done the health record such as body temperature check at the entrance gate/door 1.4 IOT device. Some of the smart device can check our health status, and those data is important for us to monitor our health.

  2. Output (provide data) 2.1 Notification message For example: One of the student from ABC School got the COVID-19, the system will notify the people from specific group in order to let them know the case and (1) notify them to stay at home and to pay more attention on their body condition. (2) notify local government/organization to do some action such as cleaning the place, arranging people who have high risk on COVID-19 to do related body check at specific hospital when need.

2.2 Generate report for public health issue For example: How many people got COVID-19, the number of case from areas and related information

2.3 Retrieve specific record For example: The doctor can check the specific patient health record in the system when needs.

Privacy Issue:

  1. Don’t collect the sensitive information from people such as detailed address, ID card number, real name and so on
  2. Only collect the health record, medicine info, and COVID-19 related information.

Looking for talents with following aspect

Development(Frontend/Backend) Database Design Blockcahin iOT (health device I/O) UX/UI Design Business Plan Health information (process/health data standard..) Project Improvement (creative/with the knowledge in health system)

Please feel free to contact me if you have interest in this project. Welcome student/experts to join it and contribute.


I’m Martin Yeung, IT professional with website + blockchain platform development. Education Background: Graduated from Hong Kong City University with Master degree of Electronic Commerce (Computer Science & Business) + degree of Information Technology (Computer Science). Working Experience: Participate into lots of international IT project including 5-start hotel project. Start-up Experience: Developed the blockchain system and represent Hong Kong to participate the world competition.

What's next for (HIB COVID-19) Health in Blockchain of COVID-19

The project will continue develop to handle different health crisis in the world


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