Redundant career fairs. That is what inspired us. We were tired of the many hours writing down our emails, jotting down our information and handing out resumes. We decided that we wanted to get rid of all this hassle and create a program that would minimize all of this useless interaction. Instead of spending time on redundant activities, we can maximize the amount of time that you can have an impact on a recruiter or a manager. People get about thirty seconds to a minute of face time with recruiters, and we believe that every second is crucial in making an impact and showing your true potential to the recruiters. Our target users are students in general - students in high school attending college fairs, students in college attending career fairs, students attending activities fairs and even the unemployed attending career fairs. One feature that we're extremely proud of is our front-end design, and our back-end database. The UI was created to be visually pleasing, and the database was created in order to store every piece of information efficiently and effectively. Time is the one thing that we cannot get back in our lives, so why not try to maximize every second?

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