Hi High!


Hi High, is the best way to see whole view of the city!

This game has a player who is in the middle of the city, begins to jump on the

trampoline and see all over the city.


If the player pressed jumping button on time, he could reach higher place. However if the height is lower than current height in 3 times, the games

will be over. Additional, cats will be ready for your score plus.

- Jumping up with proper time.
- Catch some cats by gazing them.
- 3 chances are given to jump higher than previous.


It just needs only ONE touch with gear's touch pad. First, you should touch your touch pad to jump. Second, you could gaze some cats to plus your score.


It is a game that a player who want to go higher in the middle of the city go high by jumping trampoline. A user or player do have something special

experiences virtually which is never expect in real life. While playing the game, the user also can find cute cats which are hidden



Hi High will give you extremely thrill of dropping from skyscrapers. And

also the users can see a beautiful scenery when they get higher. As a result, you can enjoy not only tremendously thrill also a wonderful

glorious view. A simple controls is also be an advantage. Hi high will prove that just one touch control is enough to give extremely

immersive experience.


With 96(degree) viewing angle angle and 360(degree) panoramic view, the player

could be offered a dynamic city's view.

Go up higher and farther you can get wider range of scene, also thrill falling

from increasingly high places.

Hi high will provide fantastic experience with the Galaxy Gear VR.

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