Our Mission

Allows users to meet others for high fives through the magic of the internet.

Our Design Goals

create an app that doesn't breach user privacy while still delivering a fun social experience. create an app that is very minimal sizewise and easy to deploy to any android phone 5.0 and up create new social experiences in a one mile radius of any client phone without having to poll all users on the server.

How were these goals met and accomplished?

By utilizing the Firebase API, the open source GeoFire library and leveraging some basic Java and Android experience. Users are anonymous on the client side except for their UID and any info they type in for statuses,etc. User profile pictures are converted straight from the camera to base64 strings without ever being saved to the users device.

Future Goals

Better exception handling, Leaderboards, NFC or Close GPS hi-5 confirmation, messaging system, username generator and expanding the framework to other applications (Hiking, lost phone searches, etc.)

Built With

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