It all started with the FB post on 'HH Hackathon Hackers shown below. Clearly there was no solution to make Facebook groups a more personalized, hackathon hacker experience.

Now there is: Facebook Enhancement Suite (FBES) is a platform for making Facebook better. Our main feature is Facebook Flair, a way for you to share who you are quickly and easily to other FBES users. Now hackers don't need to google other hackathon hackers that they see on HH groups, instead they can get all the social information straight from the friend they're interested in. Our second feature is a FB likes log, which allows you to get all FBES liked content in an easily viewable fashion. This allows Hackathon Hackers the choice to skip meta discussions and go straight to rich HH content. Finally, FBES is a platform for other hackers to improve their Facebook experience, because it is all open source like Reddit Enhancement Suite. Now every hacker can help make Facebook groups a fantastic experience!


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