The first time we discussed the idea of a smart database that helps you get archives after that one of our members watched a video of a hologram and he suggested to add it to ATM but we suggested to make it as an application that uses hologram and said we will set it on the phone, computer and smartwatch. We started adding features until it became one idea that combined all the ideas of our team members and formed a wonderful HGF.

What it does

HGF will work inside the application to do all the things requested by the user whether requested by voice or signals because HGF will be able to deal with all the situations that will face whether the user is a normal person or someone with special needs, for example, a person whos deaf will communicate with him by signs language or a blind person and someone with a disability will interact with them by voice. Not only that, but HGF will record all the operations carried out by the user periodically every month and will then do it automatically to facilitate the user, such as paying bills and taxes or sending money to certain people such as payment of salaries for example. HGF also reminds the user of the dates of all banking transactions that he is accustomed to doing and warning him in case of wrong bank operations to protect him and his privacy. HGF be able to communicate with the user in many of the languages that we will work to add after the English language as well as communication in the sign language, in addition to the fact that this application contains colors that everyone can see, especially those suffering from color blindness and the purpose of all this is to make this hologram has the ability to communicate with everyone and meet their needs regardless of the situation they are in and constitute a barrier to them to spend their banking things with ease and effectiveness.

How we built it

Bench research we started at first with developing the idea by making researchers about everything we mentioned from holography to Artificial Intelligence to color blind palettes to sign language also bank system. We contacted many Finastra developers and asked them about the API's, we worked on the project specifications and we asked bankers we confirmed it with our school coach. We started by designing the app using the colorblind palette we created we finished it and started the coding frontend with coding language Dart/Flutter we created the API and backend using Python language.

Challenges we ran into

1/ No Idea about the banking system 2/ Short time and different backgrounds 3/ Conflict ( age difference 16/25 ) 4/ Video presentation 6 days work from scratch

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1/ The world of banking and API's : We became involved and interested in the banking world and these new API's that Finastra allowed us to use.

2/ Homogeneous of the team : We became more than just a team more like a family.

3/ Professional work We work as professionals using scrum methods and others...

4/ Experience We compete with professionally experienced people in the development field and we had the chance to meet them in person and talk to them especially at the hackathon.

What we learned

HGF It is an unusual thing for everyone from our group, who believes that just in less than one month ago we never knew each other and each one of us lived in different city and in his own world, and one day we met at Youcode School, we gathered dream, ambition, and desire In better and better nutrition after we were lost When the competition came, our youngest member suggested that we participate, oh my God it was something stranger than fiction, we didn't finish our first month at school, how can we participate and what skills will we need? Many of the questions we had, as well as many concerns The idea started at the beginning as a dream, and day after day it was growing and developing. The idea grew and with it, our hopes and our resolve grew, especially after we faced many challenges and problems, but we always insisted on continuing to the end. We went through many situations in which we discovered ourselves and our capabilities, really what we learned during this experience we cannot forget and will always remain in the memory, we learned patience and accept the ideas of the other, we endured each other and stood together as one family and as one body

What's next for HGF (hologram friend)

Business plan to know our partners, customers, and if we can make a prototype to projectile the hologram while the user is using the app. Database for searchers Ph.D. to analyze client behavior and knowing their failed transactions because of lack of balance so that the bank has the possibility to offer credit or debit balance.

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