JP and Diana, independently, often find themselves with little to do and wind up browsing sites like Meetup or Craigslist for things to do “now”, (or at least soon), but are exhausted by having to scroll and click through pages of posts that look fun but have either happened already, haven't happened yet, or feel unwelcoming.

HeyLet fixes that. With HeyLet, users like JP and Diana can browse and get notified of events that are happening around them, earn ranks and ratings, and save time not having to browse countless pages of unorganized rubbish.

I think our proudest feature is the ability to create events, join events, and become a member of the app as easily as sending a text message! Agreeing to the event automatically creates the new user (if she does not exist), and sends her a link to the app that will allow her to view it in her browser or mobile app.

Our target users include not only single guys like JP and couples, like Diana and her husband who are looking for welcoming events around them at any given time. Also, we're targeting people who participate in activities where they are looking for people to join them, such as pickup basketball, hiking, and board games!

We hope you enjoy what we're building :)

Video of text feature:

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