Accessibility: How can we guarantee “Twitter for Everyone” and embrace all backgrounds? While external accessibility options exist for the visually impaired, most are cumbersome. Few inclusive features are so appealing that even the average user prefers them.

Profitability: How can Twitter remain profitable while preserving its values? Creating new features requires a ton of research and development. Always explore multiple financial avenues and carry a healthy skepticism toward over-reliance on one revenue stream.

Feasibility: How could a solution be realistically implemented at scale? It takes a lot to bring an idea to a proof of concept. It takes much more to bring a PoC to an international product. Important to explore different deployment solutions: web, mobile, physical hardware.



  • Allow users to interact (read/write) with Twitter using their voice
  • Proof of concept: web application for simplicity
  • Simple UI layout (easy to use)--similar to a chat-bot structure

Twitter API:

  • Fetched tweets from:
    • Timeline
    • Search (by keywords)
    • Trending

Tech Stack:

  • Python/Flask (Back-end)
  • React/CSS (Front-end)


Specific functionalities we implemented:

  • Using the Twitter API, we implemented the following:
    • Listing tweets on timeline (wth a queue functionality)
    • Composing a tweet
    • Searching for tweets using keywords
    • Following a specific username (@)
    • Hype me up!
    • Listing what’s trending at the moment!
  • On active tweets, we can like, retweet, reply, follow a specific person, or move on to the next tweet in the queue.

Lessons Learned

  • Collaboration
    • Dealing with being virtual, different time zones, and schedules
    • Using each others strengths to our advantage
    • Communicating often and effectively
  • Distribution of Tasks
    • Splitting work into smaller more manageable tasks
    • Assigning work that can be done given the time constraints
  • Future Steps
    • Mobile and hardware deployment
    • Implement more advanced functionality for a price
    • e.g. sending DMs with your voice
    • Balance of profitability and accessibility


Made with ❤ by: #TeamFuego

Special thanks:

  • Remarkable refereeing Hype Team!
  • Highly helpful Twitter Tweeps!
  • Friendly fellow hacker teams!


Twitter for Everyone

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