Austen Heinz and 30% depression in startup founders. Semicolon movement (someone we didn't commit suicide). I think there's things we can do really really early to help. If I'm having a sad day, an app that asks me how I'm feeling, makes me sadder. I want to manipulate my mood, not focus on it. Perhaps if we do enough early, we can not even think of semicolons. So we are asking silly questions that hopefully add a smile to your face!

What it does

It asks you a silly question, to have you think about solving something fun and spark creativity. If I get one smile out of it, I did my job.

How I built it

We initially built it in unity to export to the Qualcomm drive. Unity plugin fried the Qualcomm so we rebuilt it in Kinetise. We build graphics to show off the graphic capabilities of Qualcomm's android Dragonboard 410c. Also used circleci and registered a .club for the app.

Challenges I ran into

Fried Qualcomm, short timeframe meant we re-thought what we made.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Beautiful graphics. Learning Kinetise. Playing around with the Qualcomm and creating something cute.

What I learned

This is the shortest Tech Crunch hackathon and need to be more aware of how short it was.

What's next for Hey Sunshine

Adding a timer. Add more graphics. Modify and release it.

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