We wanted to ensure women can be out on the streets at night with a confidence that she has her way out when a danger arises

What it does

This project listens for the word Purple in a phrase to start the conversation. When the user needs help - it sends out the current location to their relatives or the corresponding contact. We also introduced safe location finder which finds the nearby public places for shelter and protection. In addition, the algorithm is smart enough to understand that if that location is open or not.

How we built it

Hardware - Rasberry-pi , TFT screen, Webcam (for its mic) and an external speaker Software - Python, Mapquest Geocoding API, Mapquest search API, Google Places API, Amazon web services (to send text sms to the contact) and Google voice API (both TTS and STT)

Challenges we ran into

Installing packages and making the packages rasberry-pi compatible

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Its an amazing hack that worked and have lots of scopes for improvements.

What we learned

New stuff

What's next for Hey Purple

Expand it by teaching more custom skill sets

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