A prototype CheckIn app, it's an entry submission for the Alohar Hackathon.

Using the Alohar, QuickBlox and Meetup API, it allows you to create custom automated messages that will send out base on your location. You can customize who you want to send, where you want to send to, what you want to send and how many times you want to send it.

Using the Alohar context awareness feature to analyze your location and compare it to trigger words you set in order to determine whether or not to send the message. The QuickBlox api is used to create, send and manage all the messages and the user's contact list. The Meetup api is used to give a nice little bonus feature, showing events around you that you may what to go with your friends.

The app enhances your ability to coordinate meetups, check-in with your love ones and make sharing your special moments extremely easier.


Trigger words has to be a name of a place, but it can be partial. If the place doesn't have a legal name listing, it will be defaulted to the street name. The word street, ave, boulevard and etc does not have to be included in the trigger word.


  • Starbucks
  • Glennwood (Street)

Login Instructions

You can login as any of these users:

  • KikiLi
  • AnnaReed
  • SuzieKindle
  • MichaelHales
  • MaryOak
  • JohnFlake
  • LailaNguyen
  • MattPeters
  • JennyWalker

and the password is password.

Thank you very much and have fun!

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