Many students today feel periods of isolation, withdrawal, addiction and other forms of mental illness. At times, they tend to isolate and withdraw themselves from the outside world. With mobile technology at the forefront of interaction, we need a system wherein a student’s close friends will receive a cue about their friend’s problem and be able to intervene accordingly. “Hey Howdy” solves that with its innovative algorithm, by gathering input data from Geo-location cues (using Smartphone GPS) and searches for an odd trend.

For example, spending too much time at home, too little time at university or frequently visiting a thoughtspot. Once an odd trend is detected, the algorithm will invoke an automated message to the Facebook wall of “Howdy Circle” friends (private by default). The message does not reveal any location details whatsoever. The purpose of the message is simply to encourage the friends to “make a call” to ensure everything is alright. No data about the trend will be revealed to the friend circle or the user itself.

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