A standstill situation created by the pandemic and the problems faced by our near and dear at remote places to reach out to the medical facilities kindled our zeal to think of a platform that would facilitate people access medical facilities staying at home.

What it does

The app is a consolidation of all the possible medical services which could be provided at your doorstep. In short, it is a "REMOTE REMEDY"

How we built it

Using thunkable , fire base , Adobe photo shop, lunapic, etc.

Challenges we ran into

The pandemic which ignited the fire in us to develop the app, doused the feasibility of developing it as the proximity of the members of the team was not possible, which is a helping factor to discuss, share and complete the work. Much of research work was needed to extract the information regarding Covid-19,the basic medication and medical emergencies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The objective of our app is to serve for a noble cause and it makes us proud as we provide video consultancy servises with doctors and door delivery of medicines which would help the senior citizens the most.

What we learned

The development of this app facilitated us to acquire knowledge of various medical terminologies and pathology which is completely beyond the genre of our studies. It provided us synergy blended with perseverance and enhanced our coding skills.

What's next for Hey Doc Health Services

This is a prototype. This would be further expanded by conducting surveys in various areas and modifying it according to the real life challenges, creating separate portals maintaining huge databases and building an interface to link the databases.

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